Friday, July 8, 2011

Port Revision Surgery Scheduled

Well, I got the word back from my surgeon's office that my insurance was approved and I could schedule my port revision to fix my flipped port. First time I could get in was August 9. It's a same day surgery, so hopefully it will be quick and easy. The nurse said that they use a new technique, adding mesh underneath the port and they attach it all together. That is supposed to prevent flips from happening, or at least being less likely to happen. Hope things go well. In talking to the nurse, Aurie, we also determined that I might be too tight. I have been having to eat super slow, I have sliming and stuck episodes at nearly every meal, eating has become a chore and I am having some major acid reflux. So we tweaked a little too far. I said I could handle it for a month, and we would make the adjustment when I came down for surgery. Scale says 203, that's down a pound. Hope this supper tightness equals more pounds lost--I'm not holding my breath though. The pounds are sticking to me like glue.


  1. Take it easy...hope all goes well! xoxo

  2. Hang in there :) Sending you good vibes! hugs!