Thursday, December 20, 2012

TOPS Weigh In

Well, last night I went to my 2nd TOPS weigh in and I was the biggest loser for the week! Yippee. Recorded a loss of 3.6 pounds, from 250.4 to 246.8.

I was very good about eating breakfast all last week and using my food diary. I did have to survive a Christmas party at work, but apparently must have done OK.

Just gotta keep it up. We won't meet for TOPS again until after Christmas and New Year. Gotta be sensible.

Friday, December 14, 2012

For Today...

Ate breakfast of an apple with low fat caramel (yeah I know it's a little decadent but at least I had fruit!) Listening to my body, eating when my stomach growls so I had some string cheese at about 11 AM. Trying to keep healthy snacks in the fridge at work. Keeping my food diary, shooting for 1500 calories per day. Yesterday I had just a little over 1400 calories.

I forgot that when you eat healthy you  actually can eat a larger volume of food and it is more satisfying. I just totally got out of that habit. I'm trying. Baby steps. Thanks for the encouraging comments all! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

For Today...

OK, I got a better start today. I went to my first TOPS meeting last night. First official weigh-in (fully clothed) was 250.4. Goal for this week is to eat breakfast each day and to keep a food diary. So this morning I made myself an egg and some peaches. It's a start.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day One...Again

I've lost myself. I haven't been back to these pages in months. My weight has continues to increase as I have used food as an emotional bandaid in my life lately. Stresses at work and in my personal life have been difficult and I have fallen back into old patterns.

My weight today is 249. This is an awful number to write here. I know that I desperately need to change my life. I have chosen to ignore my own well being and have soothed myself with the foods that bring me happiness--well temporary happiness, but eventually pain.

So here's where things stand:

  • I am not using my YMCA membership--either start using it or cancel it.
  • Start eating real food again, you cannot survive on the absolute junk you have been eating lately. There is no nutrition in it.
  • Start eating breakfast again, you quit when your band was too tight, but now you need the nutrition to start your day right.
  • You must keep a food diary. It is the only way you can be accountable.
  • You need to concentrate on protein again, and get rid of the carbs and sugar.
  • You should blog again, just another place to report progress and be accountable. Perhaps you even need an outside source to report to. TOPS? Weight Watchers? A friend or family member?
It's time to start over. One day at a time.