Friday, May 28, 2010

Driver's License Lies and NSV's

For years I have been lying about my weight on my driver's license, probably since the first day I got it when I was 15-16. Tonight my lead foot got me in trouble and I was pulled over by a highway patrolman. Only got a warning ticket, which was awesome, and as I was reading over the ticket I had to smile when I saw my weight from my driver's license listed on the ticket, it was 250--a lie! But for the first time ever, my driver's license weight was too heavy compared to my actual weight. Hilarious! I have to renew it later this year, I hope for the first time in my life I will put my real weight on it and feel OK about that. There's a funny NSV for ya.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

60 Pounds Gone!

I did it! I saw 243 on the scale this morning, which means I have officially lost 60 pounds since my high of 303 last summer. Woo hoo! That is just awesome. I have had to work for every pound. That is the most I have ever successfully lost and I am at a weight now that I probably haven't been at since college or high school. I was excited to buy some new capri's the other day and they were a size 18/20 or 2X. That's crazy, I haven't seen that size in decades. I don't even know when.

If I had one thing to complain about it would be the fact that my wardrobe is in shambles. I have very few summer outfits that fit well, but I got 4 capri's altered to fit through part of the summer anyway. It's a good problem to have!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Third Fill...Close to the Green Zone

Had my appointment for my band adjustment on Monday. According to Kristin, the CNP who does the fills, I am really close to being in the green zone, so I got a tiny little adjustment of .2 cc's. The doc's office was really pleased with my continued weight loss. It was so awesome to get such positive reactions from the nurse, Aurie and the CNP Kristin. They are so encouraging and helpful. I am really pleased with the patient care I have been getting at the hospital/clinic. They are awesome!

Anyway, I was so happy to see the scale move again, I definitely think it was a water retention thing and I think that is subsiding. The scale said 244 this morning. Awesome! I am back on track to seeing 243 soon, which will mean a 60 pound loss. I hope that scale cooperates this week, I have my fingers crossed.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Tossed My Cookies!

I was eating dinner tonight and got tight all the sudden, which has happened before, but this time I just suddenly got queasy and knew that things were not going to stay down. It was just potatoes and chicken, nothing out of the ordinary, but man it didn't want to stay down. So all the sudden I grabbed the only thing near me, which happened to be a bowl and I barfed my supper back up. That was not pleasant. Now I am a little freaked out about how much force it would take vomiting to make your band slip. I'm sure it's fine, but it's just a little weird. I don't know why it didn't want to stay down.

I have a band adjustment appointment on Monday, now I am second guessing what to do. I think I am ready for an adjustment, but an episode like the one I had tonight makes me thing I don't want to be too tight. Guess I will have to have a good conversation with the staff at the doc's office and make the decision from there.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am in shock at the scale tonight. It can't possibly say 251? Are you kidding me? That has got to be water retention. That is 6 pounds in one week. That is not physically possible. I can feel the tightness in my rings but how can a body hold on to that much water? I have been trying to drink like crazy the last few days, but it just doesn't seem to want to give it up. I am sooooo frustrated. That negates all the pounds lost in May and a portion of April as well. I sure hope I can turn around this very disturbing trend. Ridiculous.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Progress Pics

Thought it was about time for another monthly progress picture. Here are the stats for this picture for posterity...

  • Shirt Size: 2X
  • Pants Size: 22W
  • Weight: 245 lbs.
  • Total Weight Lost Since Surgery: 32 lbs.
  • Total Weight Lost from High of 303: 58 lbs.
  • Time: 5 months (21 weeks since surgery)

    • Thursday, May 13, 2010

      Big Yellow Ball

      I finally saw that big yellow ball in the sky again! The sun! I can't believe how many grey, awful damp, rainy, cold, miserable days we have had this month. I was so happy to see a little sunshine late in the day today. I finally got to go for a nice walk at the track tonight. I went 2 miles and did a few sprints too. It felt really good to get out there again. Scale is sticking to 245 still, just trying to squeeze out those final 2 pounds down to 60 pounds lost. They will come. I have a fill scheduled for May 24 and I am ready for a little tightening up. Since my last fill, eight weeks ago, I have lost about 15 pounds. I think I was at 262 at Dr. O'Brien's office then, and I am at 245 right now. It would be awesome if I could get down to 242, an even 20 pounds at the doc's office. I guess I have done better than I thought since my last fill. That's cool.

      Tuesday, May 11, 2010

      BL Night

      I love watching Biggest Loser, I am already getting emotional listening to their stories tonight. They are talking about staying on the journey of weight loss once they go home and start to learn how to live their own life. I think there are a lot of similarities with us lap banders, because we have to learn to live a whole new way. I don't know how many times I can reiterate this, but I am constantly amazed at how much of an emotional process this is. I never imagined how much garbage I had wrapped up in my head that was tied to my weight. So many choices in my life have been a product of my fat suit and to unravel them now is far more than just eating right. It is thinking right and living right. I am such a work in progress...and that's OK!

      Sunday, May 9, 2010

      Attitude is Everything

      Had an interesting conversation with a male co-worker the other day. He asked me what I thought about lapband surgery, as his heart doctor had suggested it to him. What I found sort of interesting was that he knew that I had surgery. It's one of those things where I haven't necessarily kept it hidden, but I also haven't shouted it from the roof tops either, so it makes me wonder who's been talking about me LOL. Anyway, it felt kinda good to tell someone that I was having a great experience with my lapband. I can honestly say I have not experienced any negative drawbacks from having lapband. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone. But I would also say that attitude is everything.

      That little piece of silicone and titanium is just a small piece of the puzzle. If you aren't ready to make the commitment to changing several aspects of your life then you aren't ready for lapband. There are changes emotionally, socially, changes in the choices you have and you still need to work hard at weight loss including choosing high quality foods and exercising. Anyway, I was reading a couple of other blogs tonight and was sensing that not everyone is feeling great about their choices, I am just glad I can say that I have no qualms about choosing lapband surgery. I am so glad that I have been lucky enough to have a good experience so far and hope that holds true in the future.

      It was a good day on the scale today, as I saw 245 again. I went for a two mile walk tonight and also went 2 miles yesterday too. I was right on target choosing good food today too. I am just two pounds away from losing 60 pounds. That is so awesome! Can't wait to see 243 on the scale hopefully in a week or two.

      Saturday, May 8, 2010

      Official Weigh In Day Again

      Well, here it is Saturday my so called "official" weigh in day again. The scale is solidly on 246. In fact I saw 245 for just a half a second and then it disappeared. So I guess I will claim 246. Yippee. So glad the scale is still moving. It is such a gorgeous day today, I am planning on going for a nice walk later this afternoon and soaking up some sunshine.

      On the NSV side of things, I am wearing some jeans today that used to be my "skinny" jeans a few years ago when I had lost 45 pounds. At the time I thought it was great. Now these same pants are starting to feel a little too loose around the waist. What a great feeling. At that time, I had gotten to a low of 255, I am nearly 10 pounds past that, so that is awesome. Lots of work to do yet, but so glad to still be making progress. I also updated my measurements on my side bar today, keep on shrinking!

      Tuesday, May 4, 2010

      Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

      It was so darn windy out today I nearly blew myself all the way to Kansas! I went for a walk at lunch time and I thought I was going to blow away. Spring here in the midwest is so unpredictable. I wish it was a nice day. But I guess I should be proud of the fact that I didn't use the crummy weather as an excuse to not exercise today. That is a step forward.

      I was pleased to see another pound drop off the scale this week. I am down to 247 and just 8 pounds shy of being halfway to my (first) goal weight of 175. I am so ready for my lap band adjustment later this month. I can feel the need to be a little tighter again. All in all, things are going ok.

      Monday, May 3, 2010

      I'm Severely Obese! Woohoo!

      Yes, I know that's nothing to cheer for...being severely obese, but with my latest weight loss I am in a new BMI bracket. I am officially out of Morbid Obesity and I am now just simply Severely Obese with a BMI of 39.9. (Yeah, yeah I know that some of you follow other BMI charts and calculations--I am using the one my doctor's office uses, so while these may not be your numbers, they are mine and I am sticking to them!)

      So now it's a matter of going from Severely Obese to just plain old Obese. That's about 3o+ pounds away. Then another 30 to Overweight land. Small goals, small steps will add up. Just another cheer leading session for myself, keep on going!