Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Third Fill...Close to the Green Zone

Had my appointment for my band adjustment on Monday. According to Kristin, the CNP who does the fills, I am really close to being in the green zone, so I got a tiny little adjustment of .2 cc's. The doc's office was really pleased with my continued weight loss. It was so awesome to get such positive reactions from the nurse, Aurie and the CNP Kristin. They are so encouraging and helpful. I am really pleased with the patient care I have been getting at the hospital/clinic. They are awesome!

Anyway, I was so happy to see the scale move again, I definitely think it was a water retention thing and I think that is subsiding. The scale said 244 this morning. Awesome! I am back on track to seeing 243 soon, which will mean a 60 pound loss. I hope that scale cooperates this week, I have my fingers crossed.

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