Monday, August 22, 2011

Listen to the Band!

Today at lunch it is quite obvious that I am still dealing with some of the aftermath of yesterday's poor choices and major stuck episode. I planned to eat my leftovers for lunch, and managed to get about half of it down before I felt a "soft stop" feeling. Of course I took one more bite and now I am sliming. When will I learn that I cannot continue to cram food down. If your band says your full right now, then dammit listen! If you are still  hungry later you can have a snack. But don't try to pile more food on top of a full band...duh, it doesn't work and you know it. Why are you having trouble with this theory after a year and a half of banded-ness? Seriously are you a slow learner or what? of these days I will catch on.

Just for the record, the scale said 203 today. I guess I am destined to fluctuate on the same 5 pounds that hover around onederland. I guess I can live with that. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Painful Stuck Episode...Duh! You Deserved It!

I just had the most painful stuck episode...EVER. In all my year and a half with a lapband, I have never felt such pain. Thankfully it passed after about 20 minutes. But in those 20 minutes I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain. All I could do was breath deeply and try to find a comfortable position...standing, walking stretching out, anything to find a bit of relief. I also broke out into a full fledged sweat. Ugh! Not a nice experience.

Now before you go feeling sorry for me, hold up! It was soooooo self inflicted. I am so embarrassed by what I ate today that I am NOT gonna write it down here. (Oh the shame!)  I have been feeling rather footloose and fancy free since I had my port revision, because they removed .4 cc's from my band. So I have been eating foods that have been on my no-no list for quite a while. But since the old band feels wide open, I have been indulging in things that I shouldn't be. I hope I remember the pain from today, cause I know I should be treating my band better than I am.

Thank goodness I am getting a fill soon. I am scheduled to go back to the docs to tweak things on September 8. In the mean time I need to be a little nicer to my band! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recovering From Surgery

Well, I am back home recovering from my one-day surgery to fix my flipped port. I am hurting a little but, but I have some good pain meds. My surgeon opened me up using the old scar, added some mesh behind the port and stitched me back up. While he was in there he also took out .4 CC's of saline out of my band. So I will be quite a bit looser. He doesn't want me to make another band adjustment until I am healed up. So I have an appointment in about 4 weeks to go back in a refill my band to a new level. So I am really going to have to behave myself as I know I will have lessened restriction. I weighed 201.4 on the doctor's scale, with clothes on. It's a bit different from my home scale, but still good.

I took today off to recuperate and I was glad I did. I hurt more and was much more tired than I thought I would be following surgery. But I am back to work tomorrow. It will just sitting in the office, so I should be OK. So that's the report from me. Hope my band doesn't give me anymore trouble for a while!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Saw Onederland Again!

Well, it certainly took a long time, but this morning I finally saw onederland again. The old scale gave me 199 this morning. That feels good. I am hoping that this week helps too, as I am on just liquids tomorrow for my pre-surgery preparation and then I won't eat much, if anything on surgery day. That's gotta help right? LOL. I am so ready to get my band loosened. It has been an awful month. I hope I can get on the right track again. Gotta do some laundry and pack  my bag for tomorrow as I am headed to my sister's. She will be driving me to and from the hospital. Hope things go smoothly and my port revision is fixed for good.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Angry Band!

My band is very angry at me right now. I didn't do breakfast, except for coffee with cream because I figured it wouldn't go down anyway. I did soup for lunch, but that left me so hungry later in the day. SO I tried the only thing around my office, a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I tolerated it just barely. Tonight I was so hungry and I tried to eat something healthy rather than succumb to the easy stuff like ice cream. So I tried a little salad with lettuce, smoked turkey and cheese. I did a very small portion, and it got tight. I may try a little more later and see how it goes down. Or if all else fails I may have a bowl of ice cream. Ugh, can't wait until next week. I am so miserable.

Gurgling Like the Office Water Cooler

Ugh, I am so ready to be untightened next week. My port revision surgery is next Tuesday and I am hoping that I will finally get some relief. This being too tight thing sucks. Last night I had to work late and ended up eating rather late, right before bed. I sooooo choose the wrong thing, some spicy meat and it sat in my stomach all night and irritated my band. So this morning I am sipping water trying to get things to move along and soothe things. Every sip I take a gurgle like the office water cooler. The water is going down, but it is quite obvious that things are irritated and tight to the point of barely letting anything through. I am definitely going to need to take it easy on food today and perhaps may give myself self imposed liquids/mushies and see how things go. In the future I will definitely get an unfill when I feel too tight, it is not a productive use of your band and will likely lead to more problems that are more serious. Hoping and praying I get back to a comfortable, easy sweet spot next week. Gotta take care of my band better.