Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Angry Band!

My band is very angry at me right now. I didn't do breakfast, except for coffee with cream because I figured it wouldn't go down anyway. I did soup for lunch, but that left me so hungry later in the day. SO I tried the only thing around my office, a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I tolerated it just barely. Tonight I was so hungry and I tried to eat something healthy rather than succumb to the easy stuff like ice cream. So I tried a little salad with lettuce, smoked turkey and cheese. I did a very small portion, and it got tight. I may try a little more later and see how it goes down. Or if all else fails I may have a bowl of ice cream. Ugh, can't wait until next week. I am so miserable.


  1. How about refried beans with melted cheese and some sour cream? Or a Greek yogurt? Ice cream is yummy, but not much protein. Good luck!

  2. I have been there. Several times. I'll be honest, the best way through it (for me at least) is to commit to liquids for 48 hours. Protein shakes, creamy soups, etc. Even ice cream shakes. Just stick with liquids to give it a chance to calm down.

    And FWIW, lettuce is horrible for me, so I would avoid lettuce with an irritated band, although I realize it's different for everyone, so it may be ok for you.

    Hang in there - being tight is so horrible!