Sunday, August 21, 2011

Painful Stuck Episode...Duh! You Deserved It!

I just had the most painful stuck episode...EVER. In all my year and a half with a lapband, I have never felt such pain. Thankfully it passed after about 20 minutes. But in those 20 minutes I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain. All I could do was breath deeply and try to find a comfortable position...standing, walking stretching out, anything to find a bit of relief. I also broke out into a full fledged sweat. Ugh! Not a nice experience.

Now before you go feeling sorry for me, hold up! It was soooooo self inflicted. I am so embarrassed by what I ate today that I am NOT gonna write it down here. (Oh the shame!)  I have been feeling rather footloose and fancy free since I had my port revision, because they removed .4 cc's from my band. So I have been eating foods that have been on my no-no list for quite a while. But since the old band feels wide open, I have been indulging in things that I shouldn't be. I hope I remember the pain from today, cause I know I should be treating my band better than I am.

Thank goodness I am getting a fill soon. I am scheduled to go back to the docs to tweak things on September 8. In the mean time I need to be a little nicer to my band! 


  1. The band's way of saying 'hi, I am still here' I know how painful it is. Take care

  2. Hi CeeJay- I am a new follower.