Monday, August 22, 2011

Listen to the Band!

Today at lunch it is quite obvious that I am still dealing with some of the aftermath of yesterday's poor choices and major stuck episode. I planned to eat my leftovers for lunch, and managed to get about half of it down before I felt a "soft stop" feeling. Of course I took one more bite and now I am sliming. When will I learn that I cannot continue to cram food down. If your band says your full right now, then dammit listen! If you are still  hungry later you can have a snack. But don't try to pile more food on top of a full band...duh, it doesn't work and you know it. Why are you having trouble with this theory after a year and a half of banded-ness? Seriously are you a slow learner or what? of these days I will catch on.

Just for the record, the scale said 203 today. I guess I am destined to fluctuate on the same 5 pounds that hover around onederland. I guess I can live with that. 

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