Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recovering From Surgery

Well, I am back home recovering from my one-day surgery to fix my flipped port. I am hurting a little but, but I have some good pain meds. My surgeon opened me up using the old scar, added some mesh behind the port and stitched me back up. While he was in there he also took out .4 CC's of saline out of my band. So I will be quite a bit looser. He doesn't want me to make another band adjustment until I am healed up. So I have an appointment in about 4 weeks to go back in a refill my band to a new level. So I am really going to have to behave myself as I know I will have lessened restriction. I weighed 201.4 on the doctor's scale, with clothes on. It's a bit different from my home scale, but still good.

I took today off to recuperate and I was glad I did. I hurt more and was much more tired than I thought I would be following surgery. But I am back to work tomorrow. It will just sitting in the office, so I should be OK. So that's the report from me. Hope my band doesn't give me anymore trouble for a while!


  1. So glad you are recovering well! Sorry you've got some pain though! Hope work wasn't too hard on you after surgery! Take it easy on yourself!!

  2. Happy to hear you are doing well and not nearly as bad as when you got the lapband in. I love the pics of your face over the last almost 2 years. Can you believeit has been almost that long?
    You are doing great and look fantastic!