Friday, July 30, 2010

Listen to the Band

Wow, lately I have been getting stuck a lot on cottage cheese in combination with a variety of other foods. Then I figure, it's soft it will go down and inevitably I end up being miserable for 10-15 minutes as I try to make it either go up or down. I need to start listening to my soft stop again. I have a tendency to try to finish things, and right now my band is just not wanting me to clean my plate, so to speak. Like now, my brain says I should finish those last two spoonfuls of cottage cheese, but my band says, are you kidding me? I haven't even gotten to my fruit and yogurt I had planned for lunch. Might have to give that a few minutes and try to get my fruit serving later. It's not unmanageable, it's just a constant reminder to eat slowly and less--exactly what the band is for! Listen to the what the band is telling you!


Woo hoo! I saw it, I saw it! The scale so kindly delivered a 233 to me today! That means I can mark "lose 70 pounds" off my list of goals and milestones. That is 44 pounds since surgery, which was about 32 weeks ago, giving me an average of about 1.375 pounds per week, well within the suggested goals from my surgeon. It feels so good to mark each and everyone of these milestones. I can't wait for the next ones...80, 90 and just 34 pounds away from onederland...that might take a while but I will get there. Life is awesome!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Want to See 233!

I am so close to seeing 233, which would equal a 70 pound loss. I have been hovering close to it all this week and I have been walking like crazy this week. I am hoping tomorrow morning might finally deliver that next big milestone. I'm hoping! Even if it doesn't come tomorrow, I know that it will come eventually. It feels so good to be making such progress this month. I can't believe it is almost August. I have a fill appointment later this month, but I am thinking I don't necessarily need an adjustment and that I may be pretty darn close to the green zone. Maybe just a little tweak. I have been having a few sliming episodes lately, but I think I could avoid it if I learned to eat slower and choose some less gummy foods. All in all, I am doing well and love the changes I am seeing both physically and emotionally.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Walking and More Walking

I have been doing great this month with my walking. I have walked all but about 3 days, and most days I have walked a minimum of a mile and more often three miles. It has really helped my weight loss for the month, with a loss so far of about 6-7 pounds, woohoo! I'll have to wait until the end of the month for my "official" total. Hope I can keep up the walking through the fall.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The NSV of All NSV's...Dating Prospects!

Being the fat girl has always had an effect on my self esteem...that's how you get to 37 without much of a dating history. But I am so pleased to say that my NSV of the day is the prospect of dating! I'm like a giddy 16 year old. This is a brand new part of life I am not used to so it is exciting and scary!

So here's the story, my wonderful sister was talking to a new friend, both mentioned their single siblings and wouldn't it be great if they got together! Soooooo, in today's world of technology, instead of a first date, we had our first chat last night--I'll keep working on the face-to-face first date. So we talked for nearly an hour last night and I am hopeful that there are more chats to come and maybe a real first date. Eeeeek! So keep your fingers crossed blogger friends, and a little prayer couldn't hurt either! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Dream is Too Big

I'm feeling very introspective today. I was walking this morning at the track and thinking about my weight loss success thus far. I remember when I first started writing my blog and reading the stories of the people who added themselves as followers. I was so envious of their success, and truly wondering if I would be as lucky as they were. Reading those stories has been so inspirational. It is awe inspiring to see the transformations of not only their bodies but their minds and how they think about life as a "skinny" chick.

Sometimes the slow progress on one pound at a time can drive you crazy, but all the sudden you take a look at a picture or re-read a post from months past and you can see both the physical and emotional transformation that is taking place. I feel more alive right now than I ever have. I feel like I can do anything and that no goal is too big to dream. To the rest of my blogging friends I hope that you will take a minute to praise yourself for the progress you have made so far and know that all your hard work is worth it. Have a super weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation...A Food Mine Field

Well, I had a wonderful time at the lake with group of girlfriends this past week. It was so relaxing and a perfect midsummer pick me up. I even managed to be good and go for a walk everyday, except the last day. I tried to choose good foods and we ate a crazy amount of fresh fruit, all yummy and good for you. But we also had snacks and chocolate and pasta and all I know that my portion sizes were bigger than they needed to be. But oh it was so fun.

It is definitely easier to stay on track at home where I have control over what foods are available. It was like steering your way through a mine field. But I hope the scale is kind tomorrow morning. I have about 8 days left in the month and still have a chance to possibly see the 70 pounds loss mark if I can just get a glimpse of 233. If I am lucky I just might get there! I better get back to walking, walking, walking and choosing the right foods for the rest of the month.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Number!

Wow, this walking has really had a great effect on my weight loss. This morning on the scale I saw 235. I always love it when I make it to the 5's, because it's like getting past the hump, and sliding down in to the next 10 pounds increment. I definitely have to keep up the walking. So, so far this month I have lost 6 pounds, and there is still 2 weeks to go. So much better than the dismal 2 pounds last month. Well, I better put on my workout gear and head out the door!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Such a Nice Night for a Walk

I had already walked 2 1/2 miles earlier today, but tonight I was so bored and needed something to do so I went for another walk. Instead of going to the track I just walked around town. It was so peacefully quiet. I even stopped at the park and played on the swings a while. Nice. So I did another 40 minutes, or about 2 miles of walking. I am amazed at the physical difference those extra pounds being gone makes. I think I may actually enjoy walking. Before it was always such a chore, everything hurt. Now I feel energized after I walk. It's awesome.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Holy Cow...I Have a Neck!

Time for a progress picture! Wow, I can't believe that I actually have a neck! This a comparison of 303 versus 236, from last June to today, July 16--that's 67 pounds ago! My face looks so different. I think there may actually be a little more spark behind those eyes too. It's easier to smile too since I don't have to use my facial muscles to push all that fat out of the way. I can't stress the importance of progress pictures to me. I really need that visual confirmation that I am changing.

I had to laugh, I took a few pictures with my camera's timer setting. I looked at he first one and realized I was swimming in this old shirt. It's a 22/24 which I have had for several summers. So I took a big binder clip from my desk drawer and cinched the back up a few inches for this photo. I am still working on that size thing, I think I need to go to a store and just try on some stuff. I don't necessarily have to buy it, but I think just trying some things on for size may help me match my body to my brain. I am feeling so positive about my progress right now. Sometimes it seems incredibly slow, but I know that each small step helps. Hope everyone is having a great day today and all your weight loss goals are coming true! Gotta love the band.

Walking Update

Well, I have been doing pretty well with my walking goal. I had set out at the beginning of July to try to exercise at least 20 minutes every day. In the first 15 days of the month I only missed 3 days, that's pretty good. And most days I walked 30-40 minutes, so that was better than my goal. I can tell you the scale is showing it too. I barely lost 2 pounds last month and already as of today I can claim a loss of 5 pounds and I still have half a month to go. Who knew exercise would help...duh! Saw a new number on the scale this morning, down to 236. Awesome.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

66...Moving Down the Road So To Speak

I'm going to wax poetic in my blog tonight. I was pleased to see 237 on the scale today, my walking must be working. So that brings my total loss to 66 pounds. So as I was thinking about something to write I thought about good old route 66 and the message that came to mind was that sometimes we need to slow down and take a different path in life and enjoy the view. I think I am slowly learning to appreciate that small changes in direction can eventually lead to great progress.

I am still having a lot of issues with body image and letting the numbers and facts and figures all catch up with me. For instance the other day I was wearing a new pair of capri's that I bought this summer and I was thinking that they were already too big. I think I am afraid to buy the smaller size...well, not afraid, but I just keep thinking that I always used to buy stuff with the thought that I would rather buy it a little big, because I would either shrink it in the wash or I would gain weight eventually and it would be tight. Now, I think I need to shop one size smaller with the idea that my weight will decrease, not increase. That's a lot to wrap my head around, especially as I get closer to wearing a size 18--a size that isn't in the 20's is so far from my frame of reference, I think I just don't believe it could be true. Lots of head work to go with the body work.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Number

Well, the scale has been rather fickle lately, with lots of ups and downs and big swings of 2-3 pounds one way or the other. But I am happy to report a new number that I saw on the scale this morning...hello 238. Hope it sticks. I hate the ups and downs of the scale, but I just need to remember that it is the normal up and down fluctuations of my body. It's hard not to be a slave to the numbers. But I know I am eating right and I have really kicked in the exercise this month, so by all rights that should equal a loss. Slow and steady!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HS Reunion Then and Now

Just for fun I thought I would put up the comparison picture of 1990 to 2010. I think my face is thinner now. I think I am getting better with age and hopefully as I move forward toward my weight loss goals I will start living my best life ever. I can hardly imagine a "skinny" me. That person has just never existed as an adult. Being heavier than most of my peers since I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade has shaped so much of my life. I can't wait for the new me to continue to emerge. I think I am going to like her.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Saw It!

I saw 239 on the scale this morning, but I don't think I am ready to claim it just yet. But woo hoo, at least I saw it! 239 marks the half way point to my initial goal weight of 175. That means I will have lost 64 pounds--just gotta make sure it sticks. Oh what the heck, might as well celebrate it--it's mine!

I had a great time at my 20 year high school reunion this past weekend. It felt so good to show up knowing that I was feeling skinnier rather than fatter than when I was in high school. I wish I could remember what I weighed back then, I know I am close to that weight, and maybe just a little less. It just felt good to have a new outfit on feel like a million bucks in it. I wore a cute little plaid skort (size 20!) and a blue short sleeve hoodie sweater (1X!). The size 18 skort actually zipped, but it was a little tight across the hips, so I opted to buy the 20, but damn, it felt good to try on some new sizes and have to ask the sales lady, "could you please get me a smaller size". Awesome!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jump Start

In an effort to jump start my weight loss again, I am going to try to walk everyday throughout the month of July. My goal is to do a minimum of 20 minutes each day, but more is better. Anyway, I thought I would blog for some accountability. So here's my minutes for today...and more, might as well repost my minutes here and save some space.

July 1: 20 minutes
July 2: 30 minutes
July 3: 20 minutes (burned some calories dancing at my HS reunion!)
July 4: Darn holiday, didn't get in my walking, oh well!
July 5: 40 minutes at the track with jogging and sprints, woohoo!
July 6: 40 minutes at track with sprints
July 7: 35 minutes at lunchtime
July 8: 25 minutes at lunchtime
July 9: Oops! Didn't have the gumption.
July 10: 30 minutes at the track
July 11: 45 minutes at the track with 5 stairs and 5 inclines, whew!
July 12: 20 minutes at lunchtime + 40 minutes at the track, yippee!
July 13: 45 minutes at track
July 14: 30 minutes at track
July 15: Busy day, didn't find time today
July 16: 40 minutes around neighborhood in the AM
July 17: 50 minutes at the track - 2 1/2 miles! + 40 minutes around town - wow!
July 18: 40 minutes at track
July 19: 40 minutes on vacation
July 20: 40 minutes on vacation
July 21: 40 minutes on vacation
July 22: Too busy, didn't get a walk in today
July 23: 60 minutes at track
July 24: 60 minutes at track
July 25: 60 minutes at track + 30 minutes around neighborhood
July 26: 60 minutes at track
July 27: 60 minutes at track
July 28: 60 minutes at track + 60 minutes at track PM
July 29: 60 minutes at track + 60 minutes at track PM

Not Much to Cheer About

Well, it seems as if the scale has handed me another slow month of weight loss. I wish I knew the secret to this. I suppose it is a good time to reassess my calorie intake and exercise levels. There is always room for improvement I suppose. So officially for the month of June, I lost 2 pounds. But a loss is still a loss. Here's to July! Hope it treats me a little better. I would love to see the upper 230's before the end of the month. :)