Friday, July 16, 2010

Holy Cow...I Have a Neck!

Time for a progress picture! Wow, I can't believe that I actually have a neck! This a comparison of 303 versus 236, from last June to today, July 16--that's 67 pounds ago! My face looks so different. I think there may actually be a little more spark behind those eyes too. It's easier to smile too since I don't have to use my facial muscles to push all that fat out of the way. I can't stress the importance of progress pictures to me. I really need that visual confirmation that I am changing.

I had to laugh, I took a few pictures with my camera's timer setting. I looked at he first one and realized I was swimming in this old shirt. It's a 22/24 which I have had for several summers. So I took a big binder clip from my desk drawer and cinched the back up a few inches for this photo. I am still working on that size thing, I think I need to go to a store and just try on some stuff. I don't necessarily have to buy it, but I think just trying some things on for size may help me match my body to my brain. I am feeling so positive about my progress right now. Sometimes it seems incredibly slow, but I know that each small step helps. Hope everyone is having a great day today and all your weight loss goals are coming true! Gotta love the band.


  1. You certainly do, you look great!

  2. And what a beautiful neck it is! I was just excited when I saw a photo where I actually had a chin. You're eyes are so much bigger now, too!

  3. You have done amazingly well so far! AND yes you have quite a cute little neck. Lookin good!

  4. you are looking great! The size things gets better with time but I still feel the urge to shop the womens size racks at the store. Habits are really hard to bread in a lot of ways :) Who did your sweet spot cartoon? it is pretty cool looking.