Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation...A Food Mine Field

Well, I had a wonderful time at the lake with group of girlfriends this past week. It was so relaxing and a perfect midsummer pick me up. I even managed to be good and go for a walk everyday, except the last day. I tried to choose good foods and we ate a crazy amount of fresh fruit, all yummy and good for you. But we also had snacks and chocolate and pasta and all I know that my portion sizes were bigger than they needed to be. But oh it was so fun.

It is definitely easier to stay on track at home where I have control over what foods are available. It was like steering your way through a mine field. But I hope the scale is kind tomorrow morning. I have about 8 days left in the month and still have a chance to possibly see the 70 pounds loss mark if I can just get a glimpse of 233. If I am lucky I just might get there! I better get back to walking, walking, walking and choosing the right foods for the rest of the month.

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