Friday, July 30, 2010

Listen to the Band

Wow, lately I have been getting stuck a lot on cottage cheese in combination with a variety of other foods. Then I figure, it's soft it will go down and inevitably I end up being miserable for 10-15 minutes as I try to make it either go up or down. I need to start listening to my soft stop again. I have a tendency to try to finish things, and right now my band is just not wanting me to clean my plate, so to speak. Like now, my brain says I should finish those last two spoonfuls of cottage cheese, but my band says, are you kidding me? I haven't even gotten to my fruit and yogurt I had planned for lunch. Might have to give that a few minutes and try to get my fruit serving later. It's not unmanageable, it's just a constant reminder to eat slowly and less--exactly what the band is for! Listen to the what the band is telling you!


  1. Listening to the band is something I will no doubt be getting advice from you veteren bandsters on. I don't want to mess up and stretch my pouch or anything like that. Cottage cheese just looks like it would be a slider food though. Guess not.....

  2. It took me forever to listen-and cottage cheese at one pint gave me trouble. I'm not sure if it was because i tried to eat too much or if those curdy things started getting stuck. I haven't really eaten it in a long time.