Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Yellow Ball

I finally saw that big yellow ball in the sky again! The sun! I can't believe how many grey, awful damp, rainy, cold, miserable days we have had this month. I was so happy to see a little sunshine late in the day today. I finally got to go for a nice walk at the track tonight. I went 2 miles and did a few sprints too. It felt really good to get out there again. Scale is sticking to 245 still, just trying to squeeze out those final 2 pounds down to 60 pounds lost. They will come. I have a fill scheduled for May 24 and I am ready for a little tightening up. Since my last fill, eight weeks ago, I have lost about 15 pounds. I think I was at 262 at Dr. O'Brien's office then, and I am at 245 right now. It would be awesome if I could get down to 242, an even 20 pounds at the doc's office. I guess I have done better than I thought since my last fill. That's cool.


  1. Wow Cheryl, you are doing fantastic!! Sorry that I have been away for so long. I haven't been reading many blogs lately. I am trying to get back into it though!

    You have already lost 58 lbs! And you were banded a month after me!! I better get my S*** together and get on the ball of losing weight!!

  2. Debi--the total of 58 is from pre-surgery, so don't freak out. I am sure you are right on track! :)