Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take Advantage of the Tightness!

OK, people it's time to get serious here. Since I am tighter than tight, this is an opportune time to kick things into gear again. I need a total mental overhaul when it comes to losing weight. After 6 months with no adjustments and restriction that was slowly starting to disappear, added to a tumultuous time in my life I totally got off track with weight loss. I got comfortable, I took a break and that was ok...for a while. I think it was ok to test the waters of living "normally", without giving much thought to my band. That would be all fine and good except for the fact that I really haven't met my all time goals for myself. I want to lose more and get comfortably below 200 pounds.

Here are some lessons learned:
  1. If you don't PAY ATTENTION to what you put in your mouth, you will gain weight.
  2. EXERCISE is a huge key to losing weight. Eating habits are a good start but exercise is the one-two punch.
  3. I still have EMOTIONAL EATING issues. They may never go away.
  4. The band only works when  it is tuned in to feeling the RESTRICTION, a little discomfort is a good thing.
  5. I need to get BACK TO BASICS; proteins first, measuring food portions if needed, chew-chew-chew, using a food diary if I need to, and moving my body.
So while I can feel my lapband, I need to add in the other elements that I know lead to successful weight loss. One of them that I have been really lax at has included blogging. Cause you know that blogging means accountability, and I was avoiding that lately. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time...let's start over again.

So today, thanks to my band I ate a small portion of food and I stopped eating when I felt the fullness. I went for a 1/2 hour walk at lunchtime and I hope to go for a walk tonight. You go girl! Let's see that scale move in the right direction.