Friday, April 8, 2011

Quality Over Quantity

I have noticed lately that my eating habits have changed so much. I am beginning to choose so many new and different foods. Today I was too lazy to pack my lunch--hey it's Friday I needed a break. So that means I had to go seek out lunch in the tiny town I work in--very few choices to pick from and even fewer that are healthy. So at the gas station, my choices were pizza, cheeseburgers, polish sausage or a cold sandwich from the refrigerator case. I bypassed the coronary-inducing choices of my past and headed for the ham and turkey on marble rye. Me eating marble rye? Wow, that's something this white bread eating girl wouldn't have chosen in a previous life. But today I find myself looking for foods that are extremely tasty. Because I know that it's not about volume, rather it is about eating good food that satisfies me. What a difference from the past 3 decades of my life when food was not about enjoyment, but rather it was how fast I could consume it and then go searching for something else to inhale.

Oddly enough, I have been slowly introducing a little bit of bread back into my diet. I guess I just missed it. Some days I can tolerate it, other days, not so much. I am eating extremely slowly which helps. I can usually handle about one slice, so often I will deconstruct my sandwich and eat the middle. I am holding pretty steady on the scale, a slight increase this morning back to 197 after holding at 196 for a few days. Still quite acceptable.


  1. Yay for new, good food choices. I can't even contemplate most convenience foods now. Which makes grabbing a snack on the go really hard. I try to keep an Atkins bar or shake in my bag just in case I don't make it home on schedule, just because I'll go hungry rather than eat convenience crap... and then be so ravenous when I get home that I eat too fast and get stuck. :\

  2. I feel the same way about chosing foods I really want. It is more satisfying isn't it?

  3. Because I eat so much cheese these days, we splurge a lot on the expensive stuff. Just like you said-- quality over quantity.