Monday, June 28, 2010

New Number

Well, being away on a trip to Washington DC for about 8 days wasn't too bad on the scale. In fact, even though I felt like I was eating some big meals, I actually ended up seeing 241 on the scale this morning and I think it may have included some water weight too as my rings were so tight. I did an awful lot of walking and sweating too, that ought to be worth a few pounds.

I talked to a good friend of mine and just for kicks we stepped on a scale at one of the truck stops. I was nearly shocked and amazed that I only weighed 20 pounds more than my friend--I never would have guessed that. I have so much mental work to do yet on body image and matching the picture in the mirror with this new and constantly changing shape of mine. Crazy.


  1. Too funny...I can't believe you weighed yourself on a truck stop scale. :) Congrat on 241..Great job after your trip.

    Yep, it takes longer for the mind to catch up to the body!

  2. So brave to step on a "foreign" scale! Keep posting about your body image work. I think we can all relate.