Friday, June 4, 2010

Slow...I Hate Slow

I wish I could figure out this weight loss thing. The scale seems to just slow to a crawl sometimes. Sigh. It takes so long to lose a pound once in a while. I wish I knew the magic formula for good weight loss. Just gotta keep it all in perspective I guess. The pounds will go away eventually. OK, enough belly aching for today.


  1. I feel your pain Ceejay but unfortunately, I know why the scale has stopped moving down in my case! I have to turn this train around and start focusing on ME! I got a little derailed with the death of my Dad and brother-in-law but I'm back on the tracks now!

  2. Finicky, bad scale! Call it names and put it in its rightful place! :) Day by day...the pounds will go away. Patience is not easy! You have done great so far!!!