Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Iced Tea and Tomatoes

Loving my summer time iced tea. I was finding it hard to get enough water/liquids during the day. I just forget sometimes and then I don't think of it until I am ready to eat. Then of course that is not an option, so I never seem to get enough. But it's like I rediscovered an old stand-by, iced tea. I bought myself a new pitcher, since my old one had sprung a leak so I have been drinking it like it was going out of style.

I think it is really important for me to remember to try lots of new foods. I think I had a habit really limiting myself to the same old high fat, high calorie foods that were a comfort to me. Having to try new things (or find some old favorites) has been a good experience. Tonight for instance, I put tomatoes on my sandwich to add a little pizazz and it was really good. I need to branch out a little bit and try some more things this summer like more fresh fruits and veggies. So much yummyness out there, I just need to be adventurous.


  1. I love iced tea. If it ever warms up here I might crave it more. Expand those food groups! you might find a new favorite!

  2. Expanding my food groups is something that I really need to do. Ice tea sounds great, might have to try it myself, we're not big on it in the UK.