Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dating Experiment #2

Well, the first dating experiment fizzled. B, as I call him, just couldn't get his shit together. So seeing that I was not going to be a priority in his life, I pulled the plug and moved on. Disappointing, but in the end a good thing. I did leave the door slightly open, just in case he decides to get it together, but I am not holding my breath.

So let's move on to experiment #2. I got some cold hard cash for my recent 38th birthday and I decided to invest it in a 4 month membership to E-Harmony. So I am "communicating" with some new prospects as we speak. What a wonderful new adventure full of ups and downs. I am glad to say that I am "normal" and trying to find my way in the world of dating. My therapist would be proud, lol!


  1. Good for you, I hope you meet wonderful dudes who all want to sweep you off your feet.

  2. Just so you know, I met my husband Jason on the very early and that is where I went online and found my mom's husband FOR her!! You may find a lot of wierdo's, but there are some great guys out there. I think that Jacquie (of Can't wait to lose it with the band) also met her husband online! Good Luck!

  3. Sorry that B didn't work out, hope that you find a wonderful man!