Wednesday, September 29, 2010

80 Pounds Lost!

Yippee! The scale gave me a 223 this morning and I am officially claiming 80 pounds lost since my high of 303 in June 2009. That is 54 since surgery in December. It is so fun to keep celebrating the milestones, but I also know that I cannot get complacent.

I was watching Biggest Loser last night and realized how many of the contestants had some sort of surgical intervention to lose weight, whether it was vertical banding, gastric bypass or lapband. Yet even after that, they still struggled with their weight. That just proves the point that surgery is not the end all and be all to battling obesity. I am glad to have those reminders once in a while. I have worked hard on my head in this battle, something I think I truly underestimated prior to surgery. I think about how food filled my life before, it was such a comfort to me. I used it to celebrate, to hide my misery and to fill the hole in my lonely life. I don't think I truly understood what a crutch food had become to me. I really lost myself for a while there. I am glad to find a better me and I know that I need to work on me everyday both physically and emotionally.


  1. WOW!! Congrats on the WL, CeeJay!! I am so happy for you. I read on another blog about TBL contestants having some sort of WL surgery. My VP came to me just yesterday remarking on my success so far. She asked me about maintenance and said that she knew a lady that had the lapband and has gained double her weight back. She asked if I has spoken with the doctor about how to maintain. Its something that I think when you do the head work, will forever remain in and on your brain.

  2. Wow!! Eighty is great-y!! :) Congratulations on your hard work paying off so nicely! It's good that you're thinking forward and working to stay focused. I am sure that will help you get to your ultimate goal.

  3. Amazing - what an accomplishment!

  4. 80!!! I can only DREAM of that. I'm halfway there myself. Way to go!!!
    I'd say that's cause to celebrate & replace some of that clothes you've been clearing out. Also, how's the eHarmony thing going... I'm SOOO tempted myself, but have NEVER met a guy down here that I'd even consider. :(
    Robin at Band on the Run