Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interesting Theory About Pouch Size

This was information that was on my hospital's baratric Facebook page today. Interesting reading!
Are you curious about how big (or how much) your pouch holds? A simple way to check is the cottage cheese test created by Dr. Flanagan.
  1.  Buy a small container of cottage cheese (or something with similar consistency if you don't eat cottage cheese).
  2. Begin with a full container in the morning before eating anything else. (This will be your breakfast).
  3. Eat faster than usual, about 10 minutes until you feel satisfied. The curds don't take much chewing and you are eating faster than usual to fill your pouch before there is any time for food to move out of it.
  4. After eating your fill of cottage cheese, you will be left with a partially eaten container that has empty space where the cottage cheese used to be. 
  5. Measure the volume of cottage cheese you have eating by filling a 2 cup (16 oz) measuring cup with water. Pour water into the cottage cheese container until the water leve rises to the original top level of the cottage cheese.
  6. The amount of water you pour in the container is the functional size of your pouch.
Dr. Flanagan's research shows the average volume of a GB patient is about 5 1/2 oz. Per his research, even pouches that hold up to 9 oz have no impact on a person's success with weight loss.
Hope this answers your questions, if not, please comment!
Have a great day, ~Stephanie

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  1. Cool way to test it..I might give this a try. I feel like mine is about 4oz but it would go good to know for sure and then really know how much food to dish up at a meal.

    On another note: I used to think my shoulder hurt when I was full but this morning it was killing me and I hadn't had breakfast shoulder hurts not my band. total strangeness I think.