Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Restriction...I Forgot What You Felt Like

Oh my, lunch today was a bit of a surprise. I had just gotten my fill yesterday--I thought it was rather non-aggressive, so I was surprised to day when scrambled eggs for lunch just did not agree with me. Vomit and sliming is not good. Guess I better think twice about my foods choices this week. This morning yogurt and granola went down OK, but I did feel a little tightness at the end. Don't want to make my newly tight band angry. Must behave myself until I am used to this new restriction level. Getting filled is always a new adventure in eating!

1 comment:

  1. these bands are something else, aren't they! good to hear you've got restriction.. and the sense to play by the band's rules for a while. I've had an empty band for a couple months now and still have good restriction without the sliming and pb's...... just trying to learn to listen to the signals that I've had enough so I don't spend an entire evening wishing for slime and a pb!