Friday, February 12, 2010

260...Are You Kidding Me?

There's something going on my my body today. All the sudden the scale jumped back up two pounds to 260. That is not calorically possible, so it's got to be water weight. At least I know it's not the result of my eating habits, but wow that stinks. I just feel all bloated and I had a bit of a stomach ache over night. I spent several hours awake and even took a warm bath hoping to seek some relief. I still don't feel 100% this morning, but it's off to work I go. At least I can look forward to a long weekend, as I have Monday off for President's Day. Well, better go pack my lunch and hit the road.


  1. Your weight fluctuates +/- 2 lbs daily. As hard as this is, STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF DAILY!! I was really freaking myself out when I weighed daily...try doing it weekly (it will still keep you accountable) and you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see "bigger" me on this one. You are doing fantastic!

  2. My scale has a wicked sense of humor, sounds like yours might as well...