Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Weigh In Day

Not much to report these past few days. I did some cooking today, tried a goulash type casserole and it turned out OK, not terrific but OK. I gotta work on my seasoning skills. Anyway, I made enough to put some in the freezer and some for my lunch for the week. I am trying to follow my dietitian's advice on eating a protein, a starch and a vegetable or fruit at every meal. So this morning it was an egg, half of an english muffin and a banana. My goulash had ground beef, pasta and tomatoes so that was good. I will probably have some fruit too.

Sometimes I feel like I am eating more now than I used to, but the difference is definitely in the quality and the variety of what I am eating. I use a grocery list when I shop and I try to do some meal planning ahead of time so I don't make poor choices. Still learning, but it is getting more like "normal" all the time. I can definitely tell when my band is working. It doesn't take much to feel full. I am finding that I am more satisfied with less, a little more all the time.

The scale has decided to just stay put for a while. I am hopeful that I will see the 250's sometime this week. I think I will try to have a weekly official weigh in day and stay off the scale so often. At first it was rewarding and a motivator to weigh pretty often. Now I think as things are slowing a bit it would be better to have a weigh in day. So I think I will make it Saturday's. So for today my official weigh in was 260.

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  1. Hey CeeJay-For some reason I have two of you under my followers. One shadowy figure which says CeeJay and then a picture of you which also says CeeJay. I'm assuming you are one and the same.