Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pizza and Lessons Learned

I had a work meeting today and the group had pizza ordered in, I knew about it ahead of time and figured I better not even try to eat that for fear of getting stuck. So instead, I packed my lunch. It was a satisfying lunch, but man alive that pizza smell was overwhelming. It's hard to do the right thing on those kinds of days. I am finding that when I am in my own environment it's easy to make the right choices, but it gets hard to live with being different when I am around other people. I guess that's the life I signed up for, and I am glad I made the decision to have surgery, but once in a while I get a slight twinge of jealousy that other people can choose to eat any way they want to.

But I guess if I were to look around the table at my co-workers, only one of them is at their ideal weight, three of them are overweight and the other three are obese. So what is there to be jealous of? So much to learn, so many habits to change I never imagined what a learning experience lapband surgery would be. I am constantly challenging the status quo of what I used to know and learning to think about food in a whole new way. The food I ate today nourished my body and provided the energy I needed and it tasted good too. So forget about that pizza and just know that you are investing in the rest of your life.


  1. Good for you Cheryl! That must have been hard.

    I am able to eat pizza now, but not much. Never more than one slice, usually more like 1/2 slice or just the toppings with no crust. You will probably get to the point where you can eat a little bit of pizza and not feel deprived at all!

  2. Kudos on the use of "man alive"! Love that phrase! Totally made me smile :)

    I desperately wanted pizza today too. Instead I had a salmon fillet. It's no pizza, that's for sure! lol!

  3. Maybe one day I will try the pizza, right now the thought of getting stuck makes me want it less. Oh well! :) Man alive! Don't know where that came from!