Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Progress Pictures

Thought I'd put up a new progress picture today. This is me at 260 lbs. I am definetly starting to see some changes! I'm still pretty lumpy in places though, so I still have lots of work to do. This is a new shirt, one of my bargain finds on my shopping trip--it's a 2X, woohoo! Down a size, it's maybe a smidge tight and clingy, but it will get better.

The second picture is my high of 303 in June 2009 to my current 260 in February 2010. My hair's grown quite a bit too, lol. To all my lapband buddies, don't forget to celebrate all your successes, big and small! :)


  1. YOU REALLY CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE! You are changing... :)

  2. Wow CeeJay - you can TOTALLY see the difference! What a great feeling, isn't it?!?!? Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Yes you can CeeJay.. You are really on your way.. and such a big smile .. just love it!!

  4. Your smile really does say it all! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I can tell you're feeling great!

  5. You look great! Love seeing the before/after pics on all the blogs!
    I'm a band-blog newbie. Thanks for all your insight. Bloggers like you make this journey seem so much less lonely & frightening!
    P.S. Here's my new blog:
    Band on the Run