Monday, April 26, 2010

NSV: You Know Your Pants Are Too Big When...

You know your pants are getting too big when you can go to the bathroom and take your pants down without unbuttoning or unzipping them, they just slide on down past your hips. I am having a lot of those moments lately as I am between sizes and between seasons. I am hoping that capri season gets here soon--although the snow showers today don't bode well for that idea. I am running out of decent pants to wear, and since my "official" summer wardrobe is capri's it seems ridiculous to invest in more pants right now. Once I get some warm weather I know that I have dozens of capri's that will fit. But I guess if I had to have a complaint, this is a good one to have!

Oh yeah, one more thing...drum roll please...hello 249! I saw that magic little number on the scale this morning. So happy to see the illusive 240's. I am so happy to be able to say I am closer to the 200's than I am to the 300's. That's awesome. :)

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  1. Me too. I had to buy a belt a few weeks ago just to keep my jeans up. I don't want new jeans since the weather will be getting hot soon, so just wear them around the house. I do have a bad case of baggy bum syndrome with all my pants.

    Great news about the numbers. You're right and closer to the 200 mark. Congrats