Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's OK to Pick Yourself Up and Start Over

Well, I have been nearly non-existent here on the blogs. My life has been the most crazy, amazing confusing, wonderful, unmanageable ride lately. I am seeing a need for a brand new start for me again and to focus myself in a way that I was able to do when I was earlier into my weight loss. I would say I am sort of at a maintenance stage but also feeling a need to lose a bit too.

The obvious reason for getting back to blogging is accountability. I need to be honest with myself and get in touch with ME every day. This is going to do a couple things...I am going to be better focused on what I eat, how I feel emotionally and where I am physically.

I joined the YMCA today and I am so excited to re-energize my exercise routine--which has totally disappeared from my life. I know the exercise will be good for me physically and I know it will help me mentally too. Life had handed me so many changes this past year...job change, moving to a new community, having port revision surgery, having a boyfriend, getting engaged! and everything else that happened in 2011. It's been good and bad and has just taken my focus away from the weight loss I had been working so hard on. So I need to find a new balance that encompasses all those things.

So I am starting today with a 217 on the scale (TOM is to blame for a little of that! Grrr!!!) Some of my goals are just to feel good about myself again, for my pants to fit better and to find my way back to onederland. I've got work to do but I know I am capable of doing it again!

I'm back baby!


  1. Welcome back! :) Glad to see an update from you!

  2. I was so happy to see a blog from you in my reader queue!!!

    Congrats on the engagement! I know you can get back on track! :-)

  3. Welcome back and congratulations!! Now, you can focus on being a buff bride. ;-) You can do it! Enjoy the journey. :-D I also got engaged in 2011--just after Thanksgiving. My wedding is in May. So much fun! Enjoy your time.

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  6. Hooray! I am so happy to see you back on the blogs. Congrats on the engagement and life changes! Now you can just jump right back on that wagon and start rolling again.


  7. Glad you're back!! That's great about the Y! :)