Thursday, March 11, 2010

2nd Fill

Well what an adventure it was to get my second fill. I was 2/3rds of the way to my Dr.'s appointment which is about 5 hours away when Dr. O'Brien's nurse called to say he was stuck in Denver so they would have to reschedule. Ugh! So I called in a favor from a friend and was able to stay overnight with her. I had to take an extra day if work off and I wasn't prepared to stay an extra day so I had to go buy some new clothes. The trip home was awful, cars in the ditch, icy roads and to top it all off I got a flat tire. I had to stop at a rest area, change the tire in the rain and snow and then once I had the donut on I headed to the next town. $520 later I have 4 new tires and new brake pads. Not exactly what I had planned on.

I now have 3 cc's in my band. Apparently I had 1 cc at surgery which I was unaware of. Then of course I had one put in, in February and then 1 today. So I am hoping I start to feel some good restriction. My next fill is scheduled for May, about 8 weeks out but I can call and move it up if I feel the need to. According to the Dr.'s scale I was only down 4 pounds since my last adjustment about 6 weeks ago. I am hoping for more progress. Otherwise, life is fine. I am trying to get out and walk more as the weather turns to Spring. Just pushing along.

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  1. That sucks about the flat tire and having to buy new ones. Good luck on this fill. I had 3 cc's in my band at surgery and just had 1cc added on Tuesday (10cc band). So far, I can't eat much solids but hopefully it relaxes.