Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Pictures

Thought it might be time for a photo update, so here's a comparison photo from my high of 303 to my current weight of 255. My hair looks like crap. I have been growing it out, but decided that is way too high maintenance for me, so tomorrow I am chopping it off! My face looks so different to me, in fact I can almost see a resemblance to my sister, which I have never really seen before, odd. Anyway, I am still holding steady at 255, just waiting for the scale to give up those final 2 pounds before the 50 pound milestone. I can also definitely tell that I am losing my butt, which is a good thing. Just keep making progress! :)


  1. Great comparison pictures! Looking forward to you to hitting 50lbs down!!

  2. Great pictures - I can really see a big difference. We should all make it a point to get our pictures done more often; it's such a visual confirmation of what is happening to our bodies. Way to go!