Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Though it would be good to remind myself of the battles I have won. Sometimes I really struggle with seeing the big picture. It is so easy to get stuck on the little stuff and not to be able to really appreciate progress even when it is right there. So I am doing a little inventory here, just to remind myself of my successes. What's changed to make my life better in the last 10 months:
  • Down 50 pounds
  • Pant size from 30 to 22
  • Shirt size from 4x to 2x
  • Fit better in chairs and booths
  • Better stamina/energy
  • Better eating habits
  • Better health screening numbers (cholesterol, BP, etc.)
  • Lowered BMI by over 6 points
  • No more swollen ankles and acid reflux
  • Crossing my legs is much easier

These are just a few things that are better. The one thing that I think I need to work on the most is my mental attitude about all of this. I can honestly say that the physical part of weight loss is not the hard part...it is the emotional and mental part that is the toughest for me. Always a work in progress.


  1. I agree!! I still struggle, but I had a break through a couple weeks ago where it really hit me on little I was looking at the big picture. It was all about that next pound or that next step. I think looking at the future is important, but it must be a balance.

    I don't struggle much with my new body since I have been here a lot in the past, but it is starting to really hit that I will smaller "soon". It really scares me at times.

  2. Wow Cee Jay!! 50 lbs is excellent!! I wish I were down 50 lbs! You are doing so great!!

    I too struggle with the mental issue of it all.

  3. Yes yes yes!! What an excellent inventory! Good for you! :)

  4. Wow awesome list! So so true about the mental part. You are doing amazing. Love the blog layout too!

  5. Hooray! Sometimes it all seems so slow... it's good to put your accomplishments in writing so you can SEE what you've really done. And, you do look pretty good in your pic fron the weekend...

  6. If it was all about the physical I don't think ANY of us would have a problem. We are all smart, dedicated women. Its the mental BS that keeps us struggling. I have hope that some of the "old timers" have said that their preocupation with their weight and weight loss and food in general diminishes dramatically the further down the road we get.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone, so nice to know that I'm normal! :)