Wednesday, May 23, 2012

219 and Steady

Well, the scale is holding still at 219. There is something to be said for consistency and not gaining. SO the scale isn't moving much right now but at least it is not moving up. I have been on limited activity after my surgery and I need to change that and get into a better routine of swimming and walking. But it always seems as if something else gets in the way--work schedule, weather, etc. It's always some excuse. Time to kick it in gear.

I was at my surgeon's office yesterday for a follow up on my gallbladder surgery. All is well with that and I hope that I can put all that behind me now. Now my focus needs to be on seeing my next weight loss milestone. Right now I am at 84 pounds lost from my highest--I want to see 90 again and then 100 and then it's onederland. Gotta get moving!

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