Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unfill Appointment Scheduled

So happy to say that I have an appointment for a lapband adjustment scheduled for next Monday. I am too tight and I am miserable. Today I skipped breakfast altogether and just had coffee instead. I struggled with lunch, being totally miserable after about 4 well chewed bites. I slimed/spit up half of what I put down my throat and I am quite certain I will send the next hour burping and swallowing. This is NOT the way to live with a lapband and I know it. So back to the doc's office to find a new restriction level. I am relying on slider foods (like frozen yogurt) and sometimes that doesn't even go down all that well. I am so sick about thinking about my food so much...wondering will it go down, feeling restricted to the point that I don't know what foods to chose anymore and to top it all of, I am not losing any weight. I am not gaining either, but I can't live like this.


  1. Hope they get you all straightened out on Monday! I wish you didn't have to wait so long. Being too tight is miserable!

  2. I feel your pain! I'm seriously debating an unfill too having tried to get used to a tight(er) band for a while. It's so true what you said about continually thinking about food, whether it will go down/come back up, and it's not the way to live.

    Hope you get the restriction level yuo're looking for at this appointment.