Monday, May 14, 2012


Today is my first day back at work. Who knew that sitting upright in my chair would be a challenge? Still working on healing. I'd say I am at about 85%. Still a slight bit of pain/discomfort and my stamina is quite short, but I am coming back little by little. The scale gave me 219, which I think I can live with. I know I have my eating under control, now I just need to work on adding the exercise back in. It's is a constant effort! But worth every moment.


  1. How is the recovery to GB surgery compared with band surgery? easier? harder? :)

    1.'s been too long to remember. LOL I would say this one is a little harder, but only because the remaining pain/discomfort is in the region when the gallbladder was removed--the internal part still aches. But the rest of the laprascopic stuff is the same. One thing I noticed this time was that I did not have the pain from the gas used during surgery to fill your abdomen--that was killer last time. Good question to ponder. :)