Thursday, May 3, 2012

Claiming a 6 Pound Loss for April!

Woohoo, I am going to officially claim a 6 pound weight loss for the month of April! I started the month at 224 and ended at 218. I have seen glimpses of 217 and 216 but they aren't ready to stick just yet. I am so happy that I am losing again, and doing about a pound a week+ is just fine with me. I know that I can help it along a little more with adding some more exercise, but I will get there. My eating is going good because of good restriction and keeping a food diary again. I am creeping back towards being able to say I have lost 90 pounds (need to be at 213 for that)--so with a little luck and hard work maybe I can see that sometime this month. Next stop after that is getting to 100 lost (again) and onederland (again). Then the trick will be to stay there.

So for today I shall celebrate 6 pounds!!!!! Yea me!!!!

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