Thursday, June 7, 2012

Behaving and Being a Dairy Ditz

It is so difficult to keep behaving on my liquid diet until Monday. I have been on liquids since last Friday. I am craving texture!!! It's amazing how much of the eating experience is based on texture and mouth feel. But although I am feeling a million times better than a week ago, I know that I can't push my recovery. Kristin, my PA said I need 7 days of liquids, and by gosh I am going to follow doctors orders to ensure that I don't make worse trouble for myself. I need to give my band every chance to heal. But man alive, I could really go for something crunchy!

After having an uneventful week of eating--no sliming, no constant spitting up in a cup after meals, I realize now that I had been living in denial about being in a good place band wise. I forgot that even with a band, the process of eating should be rather "normal" and uneventful. I was miserable at EVERY meal and that is not good band management. I should have recognized that sooner. Now that I am getting back to normal I realize that the way I was eating when I was too tight was really rather disordered eating and I can't do that to myself again.

In other news, it is quite possible I am losing my mind. The other day I had some chocolate milk for breakfast around 7 AM. At about 6:30 PM I was in the kitchen doing dishes and opened the cupboard where the drinking glasses are to put some stuff away. And what should I see on the shelf? The nearly new half gallon of chocolate milk. I put it in the cupboard rather than putting it back in the fridge. Damn, wasted milk. OK, so that was about a week ago. So today at lunch time I went to find the frozen yogurt in the freezer to have a little dish of it to top of my lunch. I couldn't find it anywhere in the freezer...I know it's in there somewhere...what the heck? Well, I opened the refrigerator door and there sat my melted, soupy container of frozen yogurt! Oh yeah, this morning I forgot my breakfast yogurt in the car--yogurt left in the car on a hot day, not so good. Doh! Why are all the dairy foods rebelling against me? I am such a ditz. LOL Where in the world has my mind been? Good grief, pushing 40 and my mind is already starting to slip!


  1. I am taking heed about the too tight band. I am at a standstill with weight loss and contemplating getting a fill. I know I don't need it. Bad thinking on my part and you and Linda have changed my mind.
    Speaking of mind, I had to laugh about the milk and frozen yoghurt. I once put a carton of ice cream on top of the fridge. wtf? what a mess that was the next morning.

    1. Haha, on the ice cream mess--at least I am not alone! And yes, take caution about the tightness. Tighter is not always better I realize that I was abusing my band--not letting it work for me. I also need to work harder to help it work better. Do what's right for you!!! :)