Friday, June 1, 2012

You Know It's Bad When Latte Won't Go Down

Mornings are such a struggle for me right now. Even my favorite vanilla latte is struggling to go down right now. If I didn't know better I would think that maybe I had a slip? But then last night at supper I was able to eat very normal foods and in good quantities--roast beef with mashed potatoes and even a little snack of popcorn. Those went down just fine last night, no sliming, no shoulder aches, nothing. Then this morning we are back to the craziest tightness. If latte won't go down there is no way that food would go down this morning. I can't wait until my unfill on Monday. This is miserable.

Update...called my doc's office to inquire that "if" I needed an upper GI, could they schedule me in on Monday when I have my fill/unfill appointment. Talked to a nice lady, that said I don't need the upper GI...yet. Based on my verbal history I gave her she suggested that we do a total unfill on Monday and let things heal for about 6 weeks. Then we will likely do an upper GI at that time to make sure that things are as they should be. So keep your fingers crossed that this unfill and healing time will resolve things! Also I am on full liquid diet until my appointment on Monday. So it was soup for lunch today. Gotta get my list of liquids together and do a little grocery shopping for the weekend. 

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  1. That sounds miserable. I hope it isn't a slip. Keep us posted.