Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Vow...No More Food Today!

Ugh, I am really having trouble with binge eating all the sudden. Yesterday I ate 4 cupcakes and a bowl of ice cream along with the rest of my regular meals for the day. Yes, I said 4. What got into me? I was more than 800 calories over my normal target for the day. Wow. I haven't had a day like that in a long time.

It of course has a lot to do with the fact that my band is wide open! So I have already had my calories for the day and then some. So I am vowing right here and now not to eat any more today. It is 6:15 PM and I am done eating.No snacks. No giving in to boredom. So if I feel "hunger" tonight, I am going to drink water or no-cal liquids instead. Good grief, I am still in the grips of a food addiction. I need to get a hold of that, regardless of my current level of restriction. This is mental, not physical.

On a positive note, I did go do an hour of water aerobics tonight.That at least helped me work off that cookie I ate this afternoon and the chips and salsa I had for dinner. Why can't I eat just one serving of chips and salsa instead of three?


  1. Don't beat yourself up about this. I know.. easier said than done... the fact that you are aware is a big step. Just start over the next day. I will always be a recovering binge eater.. some days are bad and some are good. But... despite that.. I am still able to lose weight when I focus. You can too!

  2. I have days like that and I hate it. But just pick yourself up and move on. Focus on not doing that today. That is the key!!

  3. I know the feeling! And so much worse if your band isn't inflated! Poor thing! I have found the only solution to those days is to have no temptation in the cupboards. Sounds like you have quite a few goodies close at hand, and if you are anything like me, I simply have no strength to resist when they start calling my name. It might be helpful doing an "audit" of your fridge, freezer and cupboards? You can do this, don't worry about what's already happened - focus on getting through today the way you want to and just do one day at a time.