Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm Trying

I'm trying...that is my mantra. I am happy with my current level of restriction, as I can just feel my band once in a while. I am trying to eat, good nutritious foods and for the most part I have avoided snacking. I realize that I need to get back to basics, cooking for myself. I feel so much more satisfied with home cooked meals--with a little help from some convenience foods too. Tonight I made kind of a "hash". It had seasoned potatoes--they are precooked in the refrigerated isle and I added turkey sausage to that. I had a huge portion of satisfying, tasty food that I measured and weighed to get the portion sizes and calories right and it was only 320 calories. How many times have I chosen the wrong things with little nutrition and left me wanting something else? I have to cook again.

So for tomorrow, I am making my Turkey Meatloaf recipe and I will also make sweet potatoes to go with it. I am already looking forward to it. Turkey makes it so low cal compared to pork or beef. I did really good at the grocery store tonight, sticking to my list. I remembered an old trick for getting my sweet dessert fix on. I used to always eat sugar free Jello with fat free/sugar free Cool Whip. I can have a whole bowl full of yummy sweetness for only about 40 calories. I also bought some fruit to try to satisfy my sweet tooth. Abstinence just doesn't work for me, it always backfires. So I have to try to find acceptable alternatives to having my sweets.

I have a little over 200 calories left for the day and feel quite satisfied.Back to the basics! I haven't gotten on the scale, and plan to stay off it until next Friday. That's a bit of torture as I am a bit psycho when it comes to the scale. But I think this is a good respite. Just concentrate on good choices.


  1. Yum! Your turkey has sounds awesome. I need to find something to replace my sweets too. I look for dessert every night. I wish fruit went down my band : )

  2. My restriction is like that right now... I only notice my band once in awhile. I would like a bit more restriction... so I don't have to use as much willpower... but it is what it is for now.

    Homecooked meals are so great. They really are so much more satisfying!