Sunday, July 29, 2012

Softies, Swimming and Sanity

Well I have been taking it easy on my band and eating soft foods, mostly soup, jello and yogurt. That has been good for the band, I don't want it angry at me. I went to the Y for swimming today, did and hour of lap swimming and water aerobics. It felt so good! I love the pool. I am trying to find my sanity back where it comes to my band. I feel Ike I have forgotten how to lose weight...or perhaps just the gumption to get it done. At any rate, every day I think it's gonna be a good day and then I blow it midday and throw caution to the wind. This temporary liquid diet has helped me to slow down the calorie intake for the weekend so thank God for that. Just keep trying. Scale graciously gave me 226 today.

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  1. Good job with the swimming and taking it easy with the band. Refocusing is hard.