Thursday, July 5, 2012

You Are More Important Than This Number

Amen to that! I got this little message from my Bariatric support groups Facebook post for today. I think I need to stay away from the scale for a while and just work my plan. I need to take a break from some things, like obsessing about the scale. It tires me out. So instead I will concentrate on keeping my food diary and exercising. That's it. So I vow not to look at the scale for at least one week. So I plan to stay off the scale until next Friday, July 13...ooh could that be ominous? Nah, I'm not too superstitious. LOL.  Tonight I plan on going to my water aerobics class and so far I have done great on my calories and no snacking today. Stay focused! It will make a difference.

1 comment:

  1. So right chicken! That number does not define who we are! But it sure feels good getting closer to those numbers that lower those health risks like diabetes, cardiac problems, high blood pressure etc!