Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Day

Well yesterday's visit to my docs office was not the best. My lapband is fine. We did a barium swallow under fluoroscopy and all appears well. The bad news was I gained 9 pounds in one month. I cried in the docs office. I felt like such a failure. Kristin, my PA was wonderful she really tried to lift my spirits and help me figure out a plan of attack. Of course my problems were totally self inflicted. Anyway today I am going to totally purge the cupboard and fridge of all the foods that don't fit in my life. The goal for today is to eat as simply as possible and not snack. I also plan to exercise today. That's it. Do that enough days in a row and life will get better. Kristin gave me a small fill and I will go back in about 6 weeks for another fill. My only goal is to see a smaller number on the scale next time I am at the docs office. Anything less than 230 is a good thing. I can do this. Update...Step one completed. 45 minute walk done!!!!!!!

Another Update...I stayed 95 calories under my calorie goal for today. Still got work to do but better. One day at a time.


  1. Good job on the walk. :-) Keep your eye on the prize. One day at a time.

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  3. I am so glad everything looks good with the band!! What a relief!! Don't stress about the scale... just keep focusing on what you are doing right. Purge those cupboards!! Get the crap out. Keep the carbs and sugar low... that will help tons. You know what to do. You rocked your band out before and you WILL do it again.