Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gaining Perspective

Ok, so the scale and I are having a little battle, but I am determined not to let it get me off track. It actually read 201 this morning...even worse than before! Sometimes you just gotta laugh it off.

Today I learned about the death of a former classmate and co-worker. She was 39 and died after a courageous battle with melanoma. She leaves behind a wonderful family including two little boys under the age of 5. Gives you some perspective about those little scale fluctuations doesn't it? Life is so precious, I can't afford to squander any moments on things that don't really matter in the end. Heaven has a new angel tonight named Becky. God bless all tonight, and I pray that we can all focus on the things that are most important in our lives, not the trivial things that trip us up.


  1. yep.. I know that lesson all too well. dont fret the scale will become your friend again..your body is just adjusting..

  2. Thanks for the scale perspective. Needed it. Sorry about your friend. :(

  3. Hi Cee Jay - thanks for following me. I've read your last few entries, and I'm sorry to hear about your friend, and equally delighted for you on the romance front.. hope it goes well for you. The montage of your face progress photos is just astonishing. You look fantastic. I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences as I start reading your blog from the beginning.