Monday, March 28, 2011

Checking In...TSMWT Goals *Updated

OK, I'm checking in on the goals for this week...track, snack, move, water and think (let's call it TSMWT for short) . I tracked my calories for the day, and wow, I really did need to do that again. I thought I was doing pretty good today and it turns out that if I stick to my 1200 calorie diet I only have about 275 calories left for the day. I did treat myself to a convenience store cappuccino today because I was so freakin chilled and that stole about 220 calories for the day. Good example of how easily you forget how things add up. So I will have to adjust for that. I haven't snacked today, which is good. It helped to be away from the office and the candy jar. I have plans to go to the gym tonight yet, or at the very least I will do my Leslie Sansone DVD at home. Water, I have had five 8 oz. glasses so far, which is good. And my stinkin thinkin is on the mend, and it helps that I am being accountable through my blog. Doing good for day one. Just gotta keep it up. *Update: Did a 2 mile Leslie Sansone walk, had supper and stayed within my calorie goals by 6 calories and the only thing left to do is drink a little more water, but I gotta wait until my supper settles. Good job for day 1 of my "reset"!