Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ugh...The Fluctuations!

Well, TOM is supposed to show up some time this week--maybe--I never know when it might show up, another by-product of my previous life as a fat lady, unpredictable periods. I am thinking TOM is to blame for me seeing 200 on the scale the past few mornings. Ugh! Now I try to fight again for onederland and to grasp the 197 I had actually seen a week ago. Oh my, what a downer.


  1. Don't worry! It's just a normal fluctuation. I know we all want to weigh ourselves every day but sometimes I think a few times a week is enough! We get down on ourselves too much.

    How did the date go?!!!!!

  2. Man, I hate it when that happens! Who wants to see a 2 on the scale? It will drop back down again. Good luck!