Monday, January 25, 2010


Woohoo! Finally saw the magic number on the scale this morning. Boy this one was hard! I am officially down 40 pounds from my high of 303 this past summer. That's 22 since the start of my pre-op diet and 14 since surgery. While sometimes I wish it was going a little faster, I am pleased that it just continues to head in the right direction. Tomorrow is my first fill and boy am I ready. Another milestone...hope the next ones keep on coming.


  1. Wow! 40 pounds and no fill yet? Just wait till you have restriction, you are going to shed those pounds like crazy.


  2. Gen is right, you are in the most difficult part of the journey and basically doing it on your own. Kudos to you and your resolve!

  3. Hooray!! I can't wait t read about how your first fill goes! I won't be having one for about 4 more weeks. Congratulations on your milestone :)