Friday, January 1, 2010

Shoulder Still Hurts

Well, I have been reading up on this whole shoulder pain thing, sounds like lots of lap band patients have had it, and often get it after fills too. I think I may go back to liquids for my evening meal just to see if clearing out my pouch makes a difference. I am also having computer issues today as my letter "e" key is not working very well. Very annoying! So I ordered a new laptop keyboard, should come in the mail in about a week. Hope that fixes things--I can't blog very well without an E!


  1. Ceejay,
    I hope you get that shoulder thing figured out.. does it seem to feel like it is fading at all? I have to say it took me a good 2 weeks before I really started to feel like my old self again. so hopefully that part isn't far away.. sounds like you are transitioning through your food phases just fine.. be well

  2. I only had the shoulder pain following surgery. I can understand some banders getting it following a fill since fills sometimes cause gas,belching etc. for a short time afterwards.