Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Slow!!!

The pounds are coming off sooooo slow lately. I am definitely ready for a fill. I am packing my bags tonight so that I can leave from work tomorrow and travel down the road for my appointment on Tuesday. I meet in the morning with the dietitians. That should be interesting, I am wondering if they will think I am on the right track or not. Then I see my surgeon ( or his staff) in the afternoon for my first fill. I am so ready to have some restriction again.

I am finding this a little hard lately. This is pretty normal for me, I tend to lose my focus sometimes. Especially if I am not seeing immediate results. That's when in the past I often fell off the diet wagon. It just proves to me how much mental work this really takes. So in an effort to remind myself of my progress and give myself a little pep talk, here's a little list:
  1. You have lost nearly 40 pounds!
  2. Your BMI has been reduced by 5.5 points!
  3. You are down 1-2 pants sizes.
  4. You have more energy and stamina.
  5. You have been great at following the rules!
  6. You have tools you can use, be patient. Getting the fill this week will help!

So darn it, turn off the negative talk in your mind! There...hope that helps, lol!


  1. When you get your first fill you will begin to understand what the band is all about. you will eat a few bites of food and you will be full. full that you cant eat anymore but without your stomach being so bloated that you feel like you are going to burst.

  2. You go girl!! Give yourself that pep talk! Sounds perfectly normal to me. Now if only I could follow this same advise!

    I have my 2nd Fill tomorrow & you have your 1st on Tuesday!! I am sooo hoping to get some restriction this time!! Good luck in getting some restriction on Tuesday! Some Doctor's are more liberal in their fills then others. Hopefully for you, you have a liberal Doctor!! I don't. :(

  3. Great list! I know just how you feel. It is discouraging when the losses slow to a crawl. Push for a decent fill, nothing wimpy! Good luck.