Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Comparison Pictures December to January

You may need to click on these for a bigger image, but here are some comparison pictures from December to January. I can see a little change, and I know for sure I feel it in the ways the pants fit. There is quite a bit of wiggle room as shown in the next picture.
It isn't really visible just yet, but just wait a little longer and it will look even better. Just wanted to record the progress. I want to celebrate every little step along the way to keep me motivated. These pants are a size 30, and I fit into a 26 very comfortbly, so there is a huge difference. One day I hope to take a photo of these pants falling off me! I will get there!


  1. Cheryl, I don't know what you are saying, that you can't really tell the weight loss yet!! I can definitely tell the difference in the photos! And for you to have lost enough to drop from a size 30 to a 26, really says it all!! You are doing fantastic, keep up the good work!!!

  2. Wow, just one month and a big difference! Esp. in your face and stomach - awesome! Its great you are keeping this photo record - I actually wish I had more "before" pics!

    Look at how much you have gone down in size already! Keep up the good work!

  3. You will get there. Thanks for posting your pictures-I can really notice the change.

  4. You are so on your way! You will probably fit into one side of those pants by your bandiversary. I'd bet on that.